Porcepolis is an alternative porcelain studio. Alternative because it presents itself as an alternative to educational structures and the creation in the field of ceramics, while focusing on porcelain.

Porcepolis is therefore:

• A space to teach and learn the practice of porcelain and its manufacturing methods, open to all.

• A working platform for ceramists / porcelain makers or other designers willing to work with the material porcelain.

• Information and advice on safety on the medium of ceramics.

But Porcepolis means above all an independent creative spirit, and sharing of know-how in the field of creating porcelain. It is also the upgrading of knowledge from a traditional sector into a modern urban context.

It is in that spirit that PORCEPOLIS was created in 2011 by the ceramist Eve Vaucheret. It has shortly become a must in the Belgian creation scene, and many people are connected to this studio : students, designers, artists, collectors,…